What is a booking?

A Booking represents a Member’s participation in your space, much like a booking at a hotel or restaurant.

  • Most Bookings are created from Booking Packages which act like a template for the booking, with a pre-defined Name, Base Price, Included Resources, and more.
  • Every time a Punch Card visit is used it creates a Daily Booking for today.
  • All Bookings have a Start Date. Daily Bookings always have an End Date, and Monthly Bookings can either specify an End Date or have an Indefinite End Date and be manually ended later.
  • A Booking is always either Monthly or Daily. This is determined by the Booking Package or Punch Card it was created from.
  • A Member can have multiple Bookings at the same time.

How do I create a booking?

Before you can create a Booking you need to have created at least one Booking Package or Punch Card.

For a new Member:

  • Mx. Desk makes it easy to add a new Member and create their first Booking at the same time with Invitations. Read How do I add a new member? to learn more.

For an existing Member:

  • Read How do I add a booking to an existing member?

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