When is a member charged for their booking?

Deposits and Setup Fees

Deposits and Setup Fees are always charged within an hour of accepting the invitation for new members, or within an hour of creating a new Booking for existing Members.

Monthly Bookings

Each monthly booking is charged on its start date every month until it ends. For instance, if a member started a booking for Desk Monthly on August 1st, they’ll be charged again on September 1st, again on October 1st, and so on.

What if the member has more than one monthly booking?

Each monthly booking is charged independently based on its start date. If a member has one booking that started on the 1st, and one that started on the 5th, they’ll be charged on the 1st and 5th every month.

Daily Bookings

  • The entire Daily Booking, including any Deposits or Setup Fees, will be charged immediately upon accepting the invitation for new members, or immediatly upon creating the new booking for existing members.
  • Example: Let’s say you invite a new member to a 5-day booking for "Desk Daily", which costs $20/day and includes a $100 Deposit. On accepting their invitation, the member will immediately be charged $200.

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