Pricing FAQ

What does it cost to manage my space with Mx. Desk?

You’ll pay 2.5% of any payments you accept through Mx. Desk. You can also  list your space in the Desktime Directory for free.

Are there any additional fees?

There are no up-front costs, monthly fees, or per-member charges in addition to the 2.5%. You will be charged  Stripe Fees for all credit card transactions.

How does my space get paid?

We integrate with  Stripe to allow you to accept credit card payments. Stripe automatically subtracts their fees before you’re paid. Each day’s charges will arrive in your bank account seven days later. For more information about payments from Stripe, see Getting Paid.

When are Mx. Desk fees charged?

Our 2.5% fee is automatically subtracted from each payment before the funds are transferred to your bank account by Stripe. For instance, if you accept $100, Mx. Desk will take $2.50.

Do I get charged for Deposits?

Yes, you will be charged Mx. Desk fees for any charge made to one of your members, including deposits.

What if I cancel?

Mx. only charges you when payments are made to your space. You’re free to cancel your account at any time.

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